French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (France) – www.inserm.fr

SCIDNET Principal Investigator: Isabelle Andre-Schmutz (isabelle.andre-schmutz@inserm.fr)

Founded in 1964, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) is a public scientific and technological public research institute that operates under the joint authority of the French Ministry of Health and French Ministry of Research.

One of INSERM mission is to focus on human health and as a consequence, in 2008 INSERM took on the responsibility for the strategic, scientific and operational coordination of biomedical research with the establishment of Clinical Research Centers (CIC).

INSERM, which is a partner for SCIDNET, is composed of two entities: the Human Lympho-Hematopoeisis Laboratory in Imagine Institute and the Clinical Investigation Research Center of Biotherapy, both localized on Necker-Sick Children Hospital Campus (Paris, France). Imagine Institute and Necker Hospital are both research and innovative healthcare institutes dedicated to a better understanding of genetic diseases for pediatric patients. More than 800 scientists, physicians, engineers, technicians and healthcare professionals work together to bring faster to patients and their families the diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for an innovative and specialized healthcare